The Quiet Place to end Week 2 of the Scottish #edcmooc

8 Feb

One of my students shared this yesterday with his classmates, and also with his “classmates.” (I have two sections of the same class who share an online discussion board on Piazza).

My students uniformly loved it.

There are some interesting things to comment on here, but I’ll reserve those and let you have your own experience of it.  All you need is to be in front of your computer with your finger over your space bar and the speakers on.  It takes about 90 seconds of your time.

Click here to enter The Quiet Place Project.  (A note on using it: If the Quiet Place fills your screen on your browser, pressing the F11 function key (on a PC) or simultaneously pressing the command+shift+f keys (on a Mac) backs you out of it.)

Night night.


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