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Dance Like No One is Watching

29 Aug

Read this post, watch the first video and smile, watch the second video and be inspired, and then get up and dance.

Divine Light Coaching

Recently in preparing some materials for a class on coaching mastery I read the question, “Are you willing to dance like no one is watching?”  It struck me that I had not long ago asked a client if she was willing to do just that.  Now the tables were turned, and I had to ask myself, am I willing?

Every Tuesday evening, I head over to the Berkeley Y to my Transdance class where I mostly dance like no one is watching.  The teacher, Heather Munro Pierce, describes it as a moving meditation, and when I pay attention and tune into my body and the music it mostly is (I admit to sometimes being hijacked by my thoughts).  Sometimes I wave my body around like a frond of kelp in the ocean; other times I jump, hop, and skip around like I did when I was a little girl.  It…

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