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50 Years of Free Speech…

28 Apr

…more or less.

Every summer, we ask UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students for recommendations of readings to share with the incoming freshmen.  This year’s theme is “Free Speech,” in keeping with the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement here on campus, when Mario Savio and others threw themselves on the gears of the machine at Sproul Plaza.

Some good recommendations on here, not all of them limited to people and events at Berkeley.  Check it:  http://reading.berkeley.edu/srl_2014.html

UCB Summer Reading 2014

“What Would Seniors Read?”

29 Apr

UC Berkeley seniors, that is.

For the annual Summer Reading List for Freshmen, we usually ask faculty and staff to make reading recommendations for the incoming class.  This year, we turned to graduating seniors, and here’s the very fine list they provided.  Have a look, have a read:


Summer Reading cover_13

Revolutions in reading

30 Apr

We thought of the Occupy movement and the Tea Party and the Arab Spring and the ongoing revolutions in technology and communications (of the types I’ve been writing about in this blog), and we came up with the theme of “Revolutions.” Then we asked UC Berkeley faculty and staff to give us their best recommendations of readings centered on that theme.  We got an excellent and eclectic list, which we’ll be forwarding on to incoming freshmen. Now you get to see it too (and the cool cover the reflects the strength of this list):