Navigating a MOOC–Helpful tips

4 Feb

As I begin week 2 of the Scottish MOOC, I’m grouping a few helpful suggestions from participants on how to survive and thrive in a MOOC environment.  I’m putting them here so I don’t lose track of them in the rabbit hole of the Internet.

If anyone is seeing this and has other helpful links, feel free to add them in the comment boxes.

With thanks to Diogo Alcobia (and Dave Cormier for the video embedded in Diogo’s blog):

And to Ilze Levina:

And to Felicia Sullivan for pointing to Collin Milligan’s blog:

Funny to link in this way to people I don’t know.  But that’s part of the point of a MOOC, yes?  Circles within circles…

Addendum:  UC Berkeley isn’t very far along the MOOC path, but here’s their link to their start at it:

And now this from Jeremy Knox, one of the five instructors facilitating our MOOC:

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